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Goddess on Earth: Portraits of the Divine Feminine

  • Goddess on Earth is a deeply moving book featuring the portraits and personal statements of over 70 women, bringing contemporary significance to some of history’s most ancient sacred myths. Through self-identification each women is portrayed as the goddess who most deeply reflects and gives meaning to her life, creating a visual symphony of the wisdom, courage and personal strength of the female spirit.

    Photographed over a period of eight years by Lisa Levart, the book creates a powerful interplay between images of contemporary women, reproductions of classical Goddess sculptures and the archetypes they draw upon.

    Goddess on Earth features over 95 lush color portraits and is printed with a rich European cloth cover by Editorial Bortolazzi-Stei in Italy, one of the most renown bookmakers in the world. Hardcover, 160 pages, 10″ x 11″.

    Elegant and luxurious; Goddess on Earth is a treasure for life.