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Susun Weed.  2009.  Herb TV Studio.

Hands On Herbal Medicine 2 DVD set

  •  Susun Weed leads her students on a walk around her land at the Wise Woman Center. 

    Susun Weed teaches about plant and animal cells, nourishing herbal infusions, digestive fire and grounding.

    Herbs discussed include mitchella, hemlock, sheep sorrel, white pine, nettles, and mushroom turkey tail.

    In the second part, Susun teaches about preparing herbs for use.

    The five menstruums she uses are honey, water, vodka, oil, and vinegar. Each one is explained and demonstrated. Herbs discussed include catnip, ginko, shiso, nettle, and wormwood. 

    Part 1: 1 hour 22 minutes.  

    Part 2: 1 hour 28 minutes.

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