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July 13, 2023 @ 9:00PM EASTERN

This is a live teleseminar; 90 minutes in duration; a 60 minute discussion followed by 30 minutes of Q & A. Unable to make the live event? Replay will be available afterwards for listening at any time.




Listen to Your Wild Heart on Purpose: Teleseminar with Kris Franken

  • July 13, 2023 @ 9:00PM EASTERN

    Listen to Your Wild Heart on Purpose

    As we search for purpose, meaning, and place it's important to anchor into our hearts.

    The wellspring of wisdom found inside our intuitive hearts is truly wild; it's non-linear, timeless, illogical, wordless guidance that takes us off the well-trodden paths of life and into the wilderness where magic lives.

    Kris will share her way of deeply understanding instinct and intuition and how to connect each day to the wild pulse within.


    Kris Franken is an author, intuitive, and wayshower. She holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology, is a certified Reiki healer and meditation teacher, and was a journalist for sixteen years.

    Kris is the author of Wildhearted Purpose: Embrace Your Unique Calling & the Unmapped Path of Authenticity, and The Call of Intuition: How to Recognize & Honor Your Intuition, Instinct & Insight, plus seven sets of oracle cards. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Kris gratefully calls Byron Bay, Australia, home..


    Details for connecting to the event are available for download from your bookshop account once purchased. 

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