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Mother of Compassion -- CD

  • Lisa Thiel portrays the many aspects of the Goddess - from the nurturing compassionate mother to the protectress and savior.

    "I really like this music... (it has a) very beautiful, peaceful, meditative feeling. I hope this reaches many people as it will be of great benefit." Ven. Lama Lhanang Rinpoche, Founder, Project Wisdom Path.

    "It is gorgeous! I will treasure this along with her other albums... as always, Lisa's voice soothes me... I think Lisa's voice, music, work in the world is magnificent!" Rev. Judith Laxer, Women of Wisdom Foundation.

    "Thiel's Kuan Yin Meditation... with the combination of her beautiful voice and its extended ancient chant to Kuan Yin, takes you on a journey into the luminous realms of the soul. Once again, Lisa makes the goddess accessible and serves as a channel for spirit. The heart-centered energy of Kuan Yin is exactly what we need at this time for personal and planetary healing. Use this recording to experience how Kuan Yin energy changes your life, opens your heart, and lifts your spirits. I highly recommend this CD of exceptional beauty and power." Dr. Donna Fontanarose Rabuck, Director, Center for the Sacred Feminine, Tucson, Arizona.

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