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Paperback by Spider. 219pp. Spider weaves the tales of Women's Mysteries in the remembrance of Moon Lodge celebrations based on Taino teachings.

Songs of Bleeding

  • "It was a pleasure to read Spider's book! As Sound and Rhythm hold the Uniworld together, so do the Songs of Bleeding hold within them the heriitage of Women's Mysteries. One of the most important contributions that Songs of Bleeding teaches us is the aspect of Honor... Honoring our Grandmothers' wisdom, our Moon time and our history as Women. Nyah Weh Scanno!" Grandmother Twylah Nitsch Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge

    "Spider's Songs of Bleeding sing to honor the sacred traditions of all our Grandmothers. As you read these words of the 'past' you will know and remember... These songfs of memory are a revival of our tradition and tradition is the story of honoring our Earth Mother - Atabei." - Margarita Nogueras Descendant and Carrier of Native Taino Tradition

    Through this book, Spider shares the dreams of the Grandmothers with all people ready to honor the Earth and Her cycles.

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