The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure

The Woman's Belly Book

  • Paperback by Lisa Sarasohn. 336 pp.

    Your body's center, your belly, is home to your core life force.

    The Woman's Belly Book presents inspiring information, playful activities, and power-centering exercises to kindle the life energy concentrated in your body's core. Yes, urged as we are to "trim our tummies" and "attack our abs," it takes guts — courage, determination, and daring — for a woman to honor her belly and discover the soul power it contains. Are you ready?

    As you honor your belly and activate your Source Energy, you boost vitality, release stress, spice up sexual pleasure, unleash creativity, increase confidence and compassion, amplify inner guidance, and clarify purpose. Enjoy!


    "To create health, you have to trust your gut. And to trust your gut, you've got to reclaim the wisdom of your belly. The Woman's Belly Book shows you how." —Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

    "How do we live a life that is ours instead of the life we think we should live? We don't think our way there — we feel it, we intuit it, we listen to our breath, our heart, and our bellies. Lisa's book is brimming with incredibly powerful ways to listen to your life through your belly. This is a fresh, delicious body treat!" —Jennifer Louden, author of The Woman's Comfort Book

    "Most women focus on how to change their bellies — instead of how our bellies can change us. This is what I love about Lisa Sarasohn's book. We can all learn to make peace with the belly's shape, and tap into power and energy sources there I never would have imagined existed. Bye-bye Xanax! Hello The Woman's Belly Book." —Susan Reinhardt, humorist, speaker, and author of Not Tonight Honey, Wait 'Til I'm a Size 6.