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Ash Tree Publishing was founded in 1985 to reweave the healing cloak of the Ancients and to make the Wise Woman Tradition available to modern women.


The information gathered in the books we publish offers women simple, successful, and safe ways to regain and maintain health and vitality through menstruation, PMS, fertility & pregnancy, childbirth, breast health, cancer prevention, and menopause.

Welcome. This is Susun Weed.

I have a library with thousands of books, CDs, and DVDs on herbal medicine, alternative healing methods, and womens spirituality. Over the years some have become my favorites. Here you will find a selection of those favorites to empower you the Wise Woman Way..

Herbal Medicine is peoples medicine. Herbal medicine is simple, safe, and effective. The herbs that grow around you can help you be healthy.

Join us to reweave the healing cloak of the ancients. Womens' spirituality honors women. It is earth based. The goddess is alive in every woman. The offerings here help you reconnect with the sacred divine feminine within you.


Empowerment through Knowledge!

Green Blessings,
Susun S. Weed

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