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Susun's Courses


Susun Weed offers many opportunities for studying with her. You can choose from her 9 easy online video courses, or her full detailed Correspondence courses. 

Five different correspondence courses, each of which explores a different aspect of herbal medicine. Each course includes a project booklet with experiences, experiments, and assignments that you complete in your own time. Plus, you receive your choice of audio/visual materials (MP3's, DVDs, CDs), three hours of talk/write time with Susun, gifts particular to your course, half-off coupon good for three days of workshops with Susun, yearly mailings, and personal guidance in all aspects of the course.

Correspondence Courses

ABC of Herbalism is a double-length course that guides you in the wise use of 52 herbs. You'll make teas, infusions, tinctures, vinegars, oils, honeys, poultices, soups, and beauty aids. You'll learn how to use herbs to build powerful immunity, boost nutrition, increase energy, and help ease problems of menopause, menstruation, asthma, allergies, cancer, headaches, heart disease, joint pain, obesity, sleep problems, more. Develop a relationship with a green ally. Includes 52 projects, herbals, books, audios, talk time, more. Total cost $550

Green Witch This course is designed to draw out and empower your own healing and magical abilities. Your personal development will expand swiftly and deeply during our time together. This course is designed primarily for personal growth, nonetheless, serious students of herbal/alternative/ energy medicine will find it highly beneficial. Includes 26 projects, books, audios, talk time, gifts, and more. Total cost $450

Green Allies This course is an invitation to explore herbal medicine and the green nations (plants) both realistically – through hands on field work – and fantastically – through trances and shamanic journeys to the hidden realms of the devas and fairies. Your skills in botany, nomenclature, pharmacy, and gardening will be nurtured through focused work with one green ally -- of your choice. Your investigations and experiments with your green ally will provide you with a thorough understanding of how to find, grow, prepare, and use the wealth of herbal medicines around you. Includes 26 projects, field guide, audios, talk time, gifts, and more. Total cost $450

Spirit & Practice of the Wise Woman Tradition This course helps you develop the skills you'll need to provide high quality well being and optimum healing options for yourself, your family, and your clients/friends. Your ability to use Wise Woman ways is supported, focused, and nurtured by a variety of projects and readings. Includes 26 projects, one of Susuns books, audios, talk time, gifts, and more. Total cost $450

Sharing People's Medicine
provides support and encouragement as you share your delight in the effective, simple herbal remedies you know and use. There is no set curriculum for sharing People's Medicine and no certification process. Anyone can do it and no license is needed. This course helps you develop skills for maximizing your pleasure in introducing others to the magic, mystery, and medicine of green blessings. You'll be supported as you lead a weed walk, start an herb group, write about herbs, teach classes, host a plant exchange, strengthen your self-confidence in sharing people's medicine, and much more. 26 projects. Total cost $450

Online Courses

Post Viral Syndrome
Help Yourself the Wise Woman Way! Long COVID, Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmune Diseases.
This comprehensive video course is designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies for managing the challenges associated with long Covid.  

Healthy Immune system: Coronavirus help. - Free mini course!
Susun created a series of videos to help us get through Corvid-19. She brings them to you with this Free, easy to use, mini course. Susun gives us tips and ideas to build Host Defense, & have a healthy immune system, and answers questions that have come up, such as info about cytokine storms (Hint: Herbs do not make your body make too many cytokines.).

Healthy Skin and Natural Beauty The Wise Woman Way - Join Susun in a new video course to discover your hidden 'Beauty, the Wise Woman Way'.
* Learn why dirty skin may be healthier and washing may age your skin.
* Play with skin-nourishing oils and fun facial masks.
* Find out how your skin can benefit from natural oils and herbs
* Learn how to deal with oily skin, dry skin, blemishes, and more.
You are beautiful, and your skin can be too, without chemicals.

Treasures of the Tropics - You know me as the champion of the weeds and a proponent of backyard medicine. So why did I go to Costa Rica to look at plants? Because we all use treasures from the tropics — like ginger, coffee, sugar, and chocolate — in our daily lives and I wanted to know how they are grown and who they are. Please join me on my equatorial adventure. We will meet tropical plants that are used for food, seasoning, medicine, and altering your mind.

Abundantly Well: The Complementary Integrated Medical Revolution. - Video course companion to Susun's new book Abundantly Well (available Dec 2019) includes a shamanic journey guided by Susun. She immerses you in the sounds and actions of the Seven Medicines and the Complementary Integrated Medicine Revolution.

Easy Herbal Medicine & Natural Remedies in under 30 minutes per week!  - Join me for a weekly virtual weed walk. My New course gives students new short videos and audios each week totaling less than 30 minutes, for a fast, easy way to incorporate herbal medicine into your life.

Nourishing Herbal Infusions: Drink Your Way to Health - Protect your family simply and safely the Wise Woman Way with Nourishing Herbal Infusions that are inexpensive and easy to make.

A Cancer Diagnosis? Help Yourself the Wise Woman Way - Safe simple ways to help you survive and thrive after a Cancer diagnosis.

Happy Knees - This is a course for those with sore, cranky knees and other joints.

Adaptogens: Herbs for Energy, Longevity, and Optimum Health - Feeling stressed? Need more energy?
60 easy video lessons on the benefits of embracing Adaptogenic foods and herbs.

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