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August 17, 2023 @ 9:00PM EASTERN

This is a live teleseminar; 90 minutes in duration; a 60 minute discussion followed by 30 minutes of Q & A. Unable to make the live event? Replay will be available afterwards for listening at any time.




An Ancient Plant for Older Age: Teleseminar with Isla Burgess

  • August 17, 2023 @ 9:00PM EASTERN

    An Ancient Plant for Older Age: The Hawthorn

    Hawthorns: Magic and mystery as well as healing have surrounded this tree since ancient times. Can such a tree now be an ally in healing for an ageing population?

    Join Susun and Isla as they discuss the plant/person relationship especially for older folk. We will see what a more wholistic qualitative evaluation tell us about this special plant. Let's see which part(s) are best to use. How to best prepare, how much to use and more. Join us!


    Isla M Burgess MSc  Dip Tchg, Dip HM.

    Viriditas, Centre for Plant Directed Learning and Herbal Resource Centre, Central Otago, New Zealand.

    It is more than 50 years since I began my lifelong journey into the complex world of medicinal plants and an unopened packet of seeds still thrills me with delight.  Through the courses I offer, I create situations where others can experience this world. I have been a Grower, Educator and Herbal Medicine Practitioner for all those years and now my focus is on connecting with/experiencing/knowing the plants themselves in a more holistic way. Presentations include Conferences here and overseas.

    Documentaries: ‘Earth Whisperers Paptuanuku’ (New Zealand) and Numen (USA).

    Books: Weeds Heal. A Working Herbal; The Biophilic Garden. Connecting People, Plants and Inscape; In progress; A Women’s Health and Wellbeing Kite – A DIY guide. You can order Isla’s book in the US here.


    The Mid-West Women’s Herbal group are offering the following course;


    Details for connecting to the event are available for download from your bookshop account once purchased. 

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