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Embody Your Inner Serpent with Serpentessa

Belly Dance With Snakes DVD

  • Serpentessa.  

    Serpent Wisdom featuring transformative ceremonies on film for the first time.

    Snake Dance Instructional - includes Bonding - Slow - Fast - Floorwork Sequences plus Shimmies and more.  A relaxing Inner Serpent meditation, Serpent slide show.

    Primordial and mysterious....ancient and alluring....sensual and provocative! Gretchen offers you a most important and rare gift. It is a direct homecoming to the Goddess. She gifts you with her lifetime connection to the serpent and the moon and opens a portal to the ancient temple so that you can have a clear body memory of when women were honored as divine.

    Stunning contributions from Jehan Kamal, Sera of East Coast Tribal and Gwyneth Larsen, a renowned aerialist. Six Mesmerizing Performances. 3 hours

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