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Bird Vibes - Meditation Deck by Catherine Bastedo
Spiritual Insight Through Birds

Bird Vibes

  • Treat yourself to this meditation deck by Catherine Bastedo!
    • Receive positive, uplifting messages about current life situations and meditation paths
    • Gain spiritual insight from the text on each card
    • Learn more about the 8 chakras
    • Discover interesting facts about 50 birds of North America
    • Enjoy the 54 beautiful and unique paintings of birds and the four seasons

    Bird Vibes is based on 54 birds that may be seen in various parts of North America, grouped by eight chakras according to the bird's colour, habitat or other characteristics.Each card shows a different bird through paintings commissioned from Ottawa nature painter, Heather Bale. Use this deck to gain insight into current life situations, to connect with Nature, and the Universal Life Energy around us and within us.

  • "Thank you so much, for your generosity and kindness in giving a reading from the Bird Vibes cards.
    I am thinking deeply on the cards and feeling inspired already. It's much appreciated, and indeed, feels particularly relevant.
    I can't stop thinking about the deck."

    "Thank you. Both cards plus the rose are so incredibly on point it's incredible."

    "Thank you so much for Bird Vibes...! It has been the perfect complement to the class teachings, and working with one card a day is now a practice integrated into each morning meditation."

    "I really enjoy my Bird Vibes cards and find I'm reaching to study them more often, or perhaps I'm just feeling closer to them and their messages."

    "I have received the Bird deck and the cards are beautiful!!!! I am sure I will get just what I need from them and I really like how they are broken into the chakra categories.  I have been very curious as to why I keep having the cardinal in my space and now I have some information to relate it to. Plus being aware now of all the other birds around me.
    Thank you again. I will be ordering some soon for a friend."

    "I am becoming quite fond of Bird Vibes!  Thank you for the comfort and inspiration the cards offer."

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