Mindy Sommers.

60 vibrant 3" x 5" cards 

Dreaming in Color Luman Deck

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  • Mindy Sommers

    Like a pebble tossed into a cosmic pond, these cards ripple through the ego's defenses, bringing vital guidance to the surface.
    The ultimate goal is to help people discover information---about their lives and themselves---they can use for a wide array of
    both spiritual and psychological applications.

    Because this breakthrough concept deck is not bogged down with layers of symbolism and iconography, it gives the users
    unprecedented, unbridled freedom to easily access their subconscious minds and higher selves to glean the information they

    60 vibrant 3" x 5" cards on a rich, lustrous satin matte stock, beautifully boxed (the box is a lush purple, of course). User guide