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Healing Wise Set A (Audio Version)

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  • 6 CD set -  Susun Weed reads aloud  her classic Healing Wise. Her wise observations and warm voice add special savor to a rich and satisfying feast of ideas about health and healing. Includes the Three Traditions of Healing.

    CD 1 - The Three Traditions of Healing, I see the Wise Woman, Wise Men and Green Witches.

    CD 2 - Wise Woman Tradition (part 1), Blood Mysteries, Scientific Tradition (part 1).

    CD 3 - Using Herbs Simply and Safely, Scientific Tradition (parts 2 & 3).

    CD 4 - Heroic Tradition.

    CD 5 - Wise Woman Tradition (parts 2-5).

    CD 6 - Menopause Special.