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Lisa Sarasohn

Honoring Your Belly DVD

  • Activate your core energy with these dynamic yoga moves by Lisa Sarasohn.

    Join the expanding circle of women who love the way these simple yet powerful exercises boost vitality, relieve stress, spice up sexual pleasure, increase confidence, unleash creativity, and amplify intuition.

    Each of the 23 exercises animates an ancient image of the Sacred Feminine. Together, the moves enact the story of the heroine's journey.

    This updated program includes navigation through both instructional and practice segments plus four bonus features:

     * centering meditation
     * guided full-body relaxation
     * poem: "Naming Ourselves Sacred"
     * narrative: "Ritual of Creation"

    Join Lisa Sarasohn in learning and practicing these power-centering exercises, also introduced in The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure.

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