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Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration CD.

It's Time--Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration CD

  • Wise Woman Center 25th Anniversary Celebration CD. 18 Wise Woman songs and chants. Visit to hear these songs, read lyrics, learn about the artists.

    Song List
    1. It's Time (to Be the Goddess); © Susun S Weed

    2. We Are Sisters On A Journey; anonymous

    3. We All Come From the Goddess; ©. Z Budapest

    4. Sacred Corn Mother; © Lisa Thiel

    5. Goatie Goat; © Susun S Weed

    6. Dance in a Circle of Women; © Marie Summerwood

    7. Cerridwyn, My Star; © Susun S Weed

    8. The Spirit of the Plants; © Lisa Thiel

    9. Let It In, Let It Go; © Marie Summerwood

    10. Scarlet Poppies; words by Alice Henderson

    11. Pressing Cider Song; © Susun S Weed & Marie Summerwood

    12. Tubs In, Tubs Out (The Apprentice Song); © Marie Summerwood Moonlodge Songs

    13. Neesa, Neesa, Neesa (traditional Seneca; by permission of Grandmother Twylah)

    14. I Give Away My Blood of Life; © Brooke Medicine Eagle

    15. My Sister the Moon; © Spider

    16. In The Heart of My Womb Lies My Power; © Marie Summerwood

    17. Aradia's Call; © Corinna Loomis

    18. Genét, Genét; © Susun S Weed

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