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New Menopausal Years 14 CD set (Audio Version)


  • CD 1 The Beginning. Welcome to the Web. Juliette's Introduction. Using Herbs Safely. Is This Menopause? Menstrual Irregularities. Flooding.

    CD 2 Flooding and Fibroids. Flooding. Fibroids. Spotting. Menstrual Cramps.

    CD 3 This Is Menopause. Building Better Bones. Calcium. Nourishing Herbal Infusions. Weight Gain. Weight Loss. PMS.

    CD 4 Menopause. Fertility. Emotional Uproar. Fibromyalgia. Thyroid Health. Fertility After 40. Birth Control.  Sex.

    CD 5 Phytoestrogenic Herbs. Hot Flash! Phytoestrogenic Herbs (part 1). Phytoestrogenic Herbs (part 2). Phytoestrogenic Herbs (part 3). Meditation: Journey Into Change. Hot flashes (part 1).

    CD 6 Hot Flashes. Night Sweats. Overheating. Hot flashes (part 2). Hot flashes (part 3). Menopause Is Enlightenment. Night Sweats and Other Overheated Conditions. Hairy Problems (Too little, too much).

    CD 7 Emotional Uproar. Depression. Thoughts of Suicide. Rage. Grief. Anxiety. Fear. Nerves. Preventing Breast Cancer. Male Menopause.

    CD 8 In the Midst of Menopause. Sleep Disturbances and Fatigue Headaches. Heart Palpitations For Women. Taking Hormones. Progesterone Cream Problems.

    CD 9 Herbal Allies for Menopausal Women: Black Cohosh. Chasteberry. Liferoot. Kava Kava. Garden Sage. Red clover. Soy Uh-oh. Motherwort. Wild Yam.

    CD 10 Menopause & Beyond Herbal Allies: Ginseng and Dong Quai. Herbal Ally: Wild Yam. Meditation: Crone's Crowning. Postmenopausal Bladder and Vaginal Changes. Pelvic Floor Exercises (Kegels). Itching. Burning Vulva.

    CD 11 Postmenopause: Down There. Vaginal Yeast Overgrowth. Incontinence. Bladder Infections. Interstitial Cystitis. Post Menopausal Bleeding. Dry Mouth.

    CD 12 Postmenopause: Healthy Hearts Healthy Heart (part 1). Hypertension. Healthy Heart (part 2). Memory Loss. Dementia. Restless Legs. Leg Cramps. My Aching Joints.

    CD 13 Postmenopause: Strong Bones Osteoporosis ( part 1). Osteoporosis ( part 2). Osteoporosis ( part 3). Kelp: Herbal Ally for Postmenopausal Women. Nettle: Herbal Ally for Postmenopausal Women. Bioflavonoids. Meditation: Crone's Ceremony of Commitment.

    CD 14 And The End. Herbal & Food Sources of Vitamins & Minerals. Herbal Pharmacy. Weaving the Web of Women.

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