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White Feather.  This dance creates balance and centeredness as earth changes occur, strengthens our vibral core and brings clarity and focus.

Seven Directions Movement Meditation DVD

  • Video Includes:
    ~ Morning praise
    ~ Introduction to the Dance
    ~ Step-by-step instruction
    ~ Teaching of the Wolf Clan Wisdom Wheel

    The Seven Directions Movement Meditation honors all life. As we move around the circle we remember, "Everything within the circle is sacred, all things outside of the circle is sacred, all is sacred." - Moses Shongo, Seneca Medicine Man

    We are nourishing and supporting the seven directions through our healing breath with thoughts of loving kindness and compassion.

    We are breathing within the gifts of the directions, into our hearts and vibral core, bringing clarity and wholeness to our being.

    We are sending and sharing respect, strength and support to our relatives of the four colors, Nations of people, that all may work together as one body, one heart, one mind, one spirit, one law, the law of love.

    We are developing our understanding of the Cycles of Truth, a way of life that nourishes our vibral core and brings peace to our selves, families, communities and nations.

    We are creating balance and harmonizing energy for the good of all, unto the seventh generation.

    We trust you will find this DVD helpful in your remembering, and we invite you to share in the dance.


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