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May 4th, 2020 @ 9:00PM EASTERN

This is a live teleseminar; 90 minutes in duration; a 60 minute discussion followed by 30 minutes of Q & A. Unable to make the live event? Replay will be available afterwards for listening at any time.




Teleseminar: Personal and Community Resilience in the Context of COVID-19

  • May 4th, 2020 @ 9:00PM EASTERN

    Let's explore approaches to supporting ourselves, our families and communities in the face of COVID-19. How do we remain flexible, adaptable and resilient on all levels of our being: physically, emotionally and spiritually in the realm of a pandemic. Herbalists Susun Weed and Linda Conroy will discuss simple ways to keep ourselves, our families and communities nourished. While COVID-19 is the impetus for this webinar and the myriad of concerns that come with it, the conversation will focus on resilience in the face of any change or transition.
    Linda M. Conroy is an herbalist, community organizer and avid forager. She is the founder of The Midwest Women's Herbal Conference, Mycelium Mysteries: A Women's Mushroom Conference and Moonwise Herbs. In addition to her work as a community organizer and herbalist, she holds a Masters Degree in Social Work as well as Law and Social Policy. Her social work career included a position as a case manager for people living with AIDS in the eye of that epidemic. Her response to this current pandemic is influenced by the work she did at that time. In the interest of resilience she created a community virtual herbal hangout where people gather to share clear and current information in a supportive environment. These gatherings are in their 8th week and have provided a reliable space in uncertain times. In addition to her community organizing work, Linda continues to offer traditional skill workshops, herbal apprenticeship programs and is a mentor for an online medicine program offered through the WIse Woman University. She is most grateful to the plants who never fail to instil a sense of awe and wonder in her daily life.


    Details for connecting to the event are available for download from your bookshop account once purchased. 

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