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Paperback by James A. Duke.  617 pp. 

The Green Pharmacy

  • An authoritative, readable guide to the world of herbal healing.With A-to-Z entries that include over 120 health conditions, James Duke's The Green Pharmacy is an authoritative, readable guide to the world of herbal healing. From traditional folk remedies to groundbreaking laboratory studies, Dr. Duke provides up-to-date information and age-old folk wisdom about nature's most potent plants.
    You'll find scores of natural remedies that can replace or enhance costly pharmaceuticals, including: Relief for aches and pains ranging from arthritis, angina and back pain to menstrual cramps and sciatica. Remedies for gastrointestinal problems from constipation and flatulence to inflammatory bowel disease and ulcers. Herbs that can reduce your risk of cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Cures for infections ranging from colds and flu to sore throat and yeast infections. Herbal drinks that reduce fever. And much more.

    The Green Pharmacy includes easy "how-to" instructions for preparing herbal compresses, teas and infusions. Plus, Dr. Duke provides an easy rating system to quickly identify the most effective herbal remedies for each condition.

    An introductory chapter discusses the various types of botanicals. . . . [Duke] also explains how to buy, grow, forage, harvest, and store plants before using them in food preparation, teas, tinctures, compresses, salves, and aromatherapy.

    The main body of the text is an alphabetical listing of ailments and conditions, such as aging, diabetes, and liver problems. Each entry has a brief explanation of the condition followed by a list of . . . plant remedies. The plants are listed in order of efficacy, rated with leaf symbols; three leaves is the highest rating.

    Line drawings of various plants illustrate the text. Sidebars contain . . . trivia about botanical medicine, cautions, and recipes using therapeutic plants.

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