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Susun Weed.  Green Nations Gathering 2008. 

The Spirit and Practice of Wise Woman Way - 3 CD set

  • If you think there's a choice between orthodox medicine and alternative treatments, think again. When you learn to recognize the three traditions of healing -- Scientific, Heroic, and Wise Woman -- you will discover the striking similarities between the MD and the ND.

    The invisible ways of the Wise Woman -- the oldest form of health care on the planet -- offer a dramatically different approach to health and healing.

    Join acclaimed author Susun S. Weed for a lively session filled with stories, songs, and mind-altering facts. You'll learn how to get health care that really suits you.  CD1: 1 hour 13 minutes.  CD2: 1 hour 18 minutes.  CD3: 1 hour 15 minutes.

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